iPhone 4 Plus Free Complimentary Case From China Unicom

It is expected that China Unicom will launch the iPhone 4 in China on the 16th of September, and obviously even the Chinese iPhone 4 will come including the antenna issues that have been experienced in the west.

However, according to an article over on All Things D by John Paczkowski, tell Caixin has said, China Unicom isn’t prepared to face the music over the antennagate issue like Apple has and thus when it launches the iPhone 4 on the mainland the device will come with a free complimentary case.

Seems like a good move by China Unicom to me, but apparently the source of the information hasn’t stipulated whether that free complimentary case will actually be an official Apple bumper case or some other variation meant to solve the antenna problem.

Still as long at the case does kill off the iPhone 4 “death grip” issue all should be well in China, as long as China Unicom continues to offer the complimentary case for free that is.

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