Samsung Epic 4G Commercial on Epic Scale: Video

The new Samsung Epic 4G needs an advertising campaign befitting of its name and thus things have to be done on a epic scale, and to be honest old Sammy hasn’t done too bad a job with making the latest Epic 4G commercial, well epic.

We have today for your viewing please the new Samsung Epic 4G commercial which comes our way courtesy of Dustin Earley over at Droid Dog and by way of the guys over on Android Central, and lasts the usual 30-ish seconds.

This video commercial for the Samsung Epic 4G is part of Samsung’s new “palm of your hand” campaign and features what can only be described as a bit of a Halo Master Chief knock-off for their Galaxy S class smartphone.

Have to say it does look a good commercial although you wouldn’t guess it was for a Samsung Galaxy S handset until the last few seconds, anyway I’ll leave you to check out the video, so hit that play button, sit back and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Samsung Epic 4G Commercial on Epic Scale: Video”

  1. Really? says:

    if they dont get sued for this i'd be surprised. either bungie needs to come out and say they gave permission or samsung needs to be sued. i'm not that into halo but with the information provided this is blatent copyright infringement on Samsung's part. It's bad marketing too. Everyone who sees the commercial and knows what halo is will simply be puzzled as to why there is no mention of the video game or its company. I had to look up what the phone was because the fact that halo has been ripped off was the only thing I focused on.

  2. halofan2 says:

    Arg this pissed me off. I thought it was a commercial for the Halo movie that we've all been waiting so desperately for. It was a great commercial, but i was a little disappointed.

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