Samsung Epic 4G Reader Questions Answered Video

The Samsung Epic 4G is as I’m sure you are aware, the second smartphone to be able to play nice on Sprint’s 4G network, the first being of course the HTC EVO 4G. Obviously people will have some questions about the Epic 4G which will need answering and that’s what we have for you today.

Apparently Boy Genius of the BGR says they were invited to sit down with Sprint and chat about the Samsung Epic 4G, as so they put some reader questions to Sprint’s vice president of consumer marketing, David Owens, and naturally recorded the meeting.

Thus we have the video of that sit down chat on the Samsung Epic 4G for your viewing pleasure below whereby the BGR’s Jonathan Geller puts reader’s questions to Owens such as what is the “Epic-ness” of the phone, when will 4G hit New York City, and how is GPS on the Epic 4G.

Basically the Sprint guy answers those reader questions along with giving us his take of the second 4G enabled handset, so all you need to do now is hit that play button and watch the video…enjoy.

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