Ever used your iPhone to watch your House being robbed?

Rather a silly question but one that may not be all that silly as apparently that’s exactly what happened to one iPhone toting guy from Dallas, while he was on holiday and received an alert from his iCam iPhone application.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Rosa Golijan, the Dallas News reports that Vincent Hunter, had set up his iCam iPhone app to work with his home security camera system, and received an alert when something set of the motion detectors at his residence.

Hunter accessed the app and saw his home was being burgled, so he called 911, but was then left to watch the thieves rob his house. Apparently Hunter’s home security firm also contacted the cops but the two thieves had done their biz and fled by the time the law arrived.

Apparently there is no word on what the burglars got away with and thus far haven’t been caught. Hunter saw the two thieves trying to break into his home and did so by lobbing a brick through a glass door, and a few minutes later the home webcam system shows two police officers entering the home.

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