Samsung Galaxy S Accessories: Battery Power Pack EBB-U10

Many of you have been searching for Samsung Galaxy S accessories and we always try to please so here is one for you, it is the enhanced battery power pack aka EBB-U10.

This Galaxy S enhanced battery case has been revealed via a readers email over on EuroDroid, the somewhat chunky battery pack will give you much more power and so much so will boast up-to an extra 500 hours of standby time and adds 8.5 hours to the rated talk time of the Galaxy S.

The newsletter is in German so here is the English translation (Thanks AndroidSpin): The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is one of the most powerful mobile phones on the market. To use this power to move even more comprehensive, it is with the Power Pack EBB-U10 perfectly matching battery extension. The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is there simply implanted “and already it has enough power for up to an additional 8.5 hours of talk time or up to 500 hours standby. The testers are, moreover, agreed by the Bank: The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is found in the top rankings ever before and need no other phone to hide. Example is the good test results with CHIP, and connect online kosten.de.

Would you buy this big new battery pack-housing unit for your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone? As soon as we hear more about this accessory with its price and where to buy from we will let you know.


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