Do You Use Myxer With Mobile Phone? Problems and Review

We would love to know if you use Myxer on your mobile phone, we would like for you to send in your personal review about their service, any problems you have come across etc.

We visited a site today and read that a reader is having problems getting myxer downloads on their Samsung Delve, they needed a step-by-step guide on how to download content from Myxer to the handset. The sites reply was “On myxer, јυѕt send to your number. It Ñ•hουld come аѕ a pic message, and аll you hаνе to do is click “receive” or something. It works with my phone. Click what you want (make sure its free if you need it to be free) and when it says WHERE? Type in your number”.

That is one little problem, have you come across anymore and if so please share with us. We have never used Myxer but they seem to be very good at giving you what you want, like wallpapers, ringtones, MP3’s videos etc.

They even supply apps and games and much more, if you have anything you wish to say about this service please do so in the comments area provided below. Thanks.


5 thoughts on “Do You Use Myxer With Mobile Phone? Problems and Review”

  1. Eviltweety88 says:

    I've been using Myxer for several years to make ringtone from songs on my various t-mobile phones. You can't beat free and the one time I did have a problem (boost mobile phone)., they were at least able to explain why my ringtone wasn't available. I know verizon customers have had some issues, but I'm VERY happy with their service!

  2. Maudi says:

    this is probably a coincidence, but I signed up on Myxer this weekend and downloaded a few ringtones. Since then my battery has been dying quickly. I am at work now and my phone just went into crucial mode – requesting to be shut down. I am going to call my service provider when I get home tonight, but I have a Blackberry and this it the FIRST time I've had a problem with the battery life. (I have had battery issues with applications left running, but there are not any on.)

  3. Charnie says:

    I've been a user for several years, since I like very personalized ringtones. Sometimes it's a little tricky to cut the mp3 exactly where you want, and I have to start over, but all in all, it's great fun. I can send my ringtones direct to my not very sophisticated flip phone.

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