O2 UK Simplicity SIM Card Only A Quid: Calls, Text & Internet

If you want simplicity on the move and in your pocket then you should think about the O2 UK Simplicity SIM Card, you can have this for a mere quid (Yes just one pound).

This SIM card is very simple and flexible that gives you calls, text & Internet, its like a monthly contract but without the long term commitment, the rolling contract runs on a 30 day notice plan.

You will get great value for money with O2 Simplicity, you can choose your own minutes you need for the month from 100 to unlimited, want Internet access? Then that is simple as well to set-up for only £1 per day.

Technical Details: Credit Check Required, 30-Day Minimum Contract, Direct Debit Payment Method, Paper Bill Available, Itemised Bill Available and Online Billing Available.

For the O2 UK Simplicity SIM Card please visit eXpansys for more information, if you already use this card please let us know how it is going. Thanks

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