Droid X Delayed Further by Verizon Now 10th September

The other day I posted an article concerning the Droid X and its delay by Verizon Wireless with the new date for the Droid X being the 8th of September according to the Verizon website, but now that date has moved yet again.

According to an article over on Softpedia by Ionut Arghire, the Droid X has now been shoved back another couple of days to the 10th of September by Verizon, now the big question is will the Droid X ship on the 10th or will it see yet another delay?

The whole deal with the Droid X seems to be shifting to the same delay issues seen with the HTC Droid Incredible where customers waited and waited for the smartphone to become available.

I’m fairly sure Verizon or Motorola hasn’t come out and stated why the Droid X has been delayed which is a pity as if they are going to continue to delay and delay they could at least let their customers know why. There is of course a risk factor that those waiting for the Droid X may decide to opt for another smartphone if this delay continues to go on.


One thought on “Droid X Delayed Further by Verizon Now 10th September”

  1. B-Dino says:

    We had no problem getting one … Am I missing something?…
    Aug 18 we ordered a Droid X at a Verizon booth in a BJ's store in Westbury NY.
    It arrived 7 days later via Fedex on the 25th.

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