Google Voice Gmail Call Phone Service: Can It Kill Skype?

Google is going up against the likes of Skype with its new Gmail service, yes search engine giants have just announced that it will be offering you the ability to make phone calls over the internet via Gmail.

Google already have Gmail voice and video chat feature but this is old hat now so they have come up with a new service that allows you to dial phone numbers, this is definitely a move to compete against the likes of Skype, the question is should Skype be worried?

This service in our eyes is fantastic, many of us already have Gmail accounts and in some circumstances we are in an area where our mobile phones receive bad reception, this is where the new Gmail phone call service comes into play.

Please do let us know what you think of Google’s new service plan and of course if you think it will damage Skype.

Source – ComputerWorld


6 thoughts on “Google Voice Gmail Call Phone Service: Can It Kill Skype?”

  1. Hun says:

    It definitely will hurt Skype. I was already paying a couple bucks a month to them to make outbound calls unlimited. Canceled subscription today. I had also considered getting a "skype number" just so I could receive calls on my computer (I'm already using Google Voice). Now, there's absolutely no reason to do that. Only reason left to use Skype is for a video call on my Evo… oh wait, their app doesn't support video, and is only on verizon…. Yea… bye bye Skpye

  2. shoeb godil says:

    i don't think it will impact skype, i will still prefer calling from skype, because google has presently allowed its phone feature for only us gmail users. With the whole world and US, google can not capture any user outside USA they will still be using Skype.

  3. dannette stephenson says:

    i tried to making a call from jamaica to florida on what i found out was that the person that i was calling i herd his voice but he was not able to here my voice

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