SkyFire for iPhone to Seek App Store Submission

Way back in April this year we reported that SkyFire Labs was working on a SkyFire for iPhone app in the wake of Opera managing to get Opera for iPhone into the Apple App Store, you can refresh your memory by hitting up (here)

Well according to an article by Greg Kumparak over on Mobile Crunch, unnamed sources have told them that SkyFire has now entered the final testing stage of their first public iPhone build and has plans on submitting the app for Apple’s approval next week.

SkyFire hopes to break into the iPhone app game after Opera was successful with their Opera for iPhone app, but whether SkyFire gains approval from Apple remains to be seen.

Of course SkyFire has neither denied nor confirmed that they will submit to Apple next week, and there’s always a possibility of bugs holding up the process, but if all goes according to this rumour the SkyFire for iPhone submission should be announced just after the weekend.


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