iPhone Accessories: iControlPad Limited Orders Taken Soon

If you are looking for iPhone accessories then please take a peek at the new updated version of the iControlPad, yes a holding device to hold your Apple iPhone to play games; eat your heart our PSP (Only Joking).

This device has been around for ages with basic models being upgraded to a new model shown above, it has never gone into production but it will soon apparently according to Engadget. Orders are not yes available at the moment but when they do they will be limited to 3000 units.

Craig Rothwell’s Twitter feed is when you need to go because this is where you will find out when and how you can order your iControlPad, you will be emailed if you are on the mailing list.

Support for other mobile phones will come in the future as well, which is great news. Please watch the video provided below of what they first had to what they have now, we would love to know what you think of this new device.

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