Android Hideous, Dev Tools Horrendous Says iPhone Facebook App Dev

Currently the two major smartphone operating systems out there has to be Apple’s iPhone iOS and Google’s Android platform, and although Android lags behind iOS in the app development stakes, the developer behind the Facebook for iPhone app, Joe Hewitt recently switched sides and went with Android.

However according to an article over on i4u by Robert Evans, Hewitt may have switched his allegiance from iOS over to Android but he doesn’t have that much praise for the rival platform as a recent Tweet says Android dev tools are “horrendous” and that the OS is “hideous.”

Although Hewitt does go on to say in the same tweet that “the absence of big brother telling me what to do gives it a slight edge,” meaning at least with Android you don’t get the restriction that is placed on a developer with Apple’s App Store policies.

Apparently Hewitt isn’t a big fan of Java, but he does like the Motorola Droid X due to its large screen, so maybe we will be seeing some descent gear now he’s with Android.


3 thoughts on “Android Hideous, Dev Tools Horrendous Says iPhone Facebook App Dev”

  1. Sam says:

    You really need to keep up to speed with things……..he tweeted straight after saying that the "tools" for developing were horrendous and he actually liked the OS. Somehow though i feel you know this but want to get hits on your website with a ridiculous title to the story

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