Droid X Running Sapphire Custom ROM: Video

For those of you who now own a Droid X smartphone and aren’t particularly enamoured by the traditional Droid red eye, you can now change that red eye for a pretty blue sapphire instead, and we have a video demo of the Droid X running the sapphire custom ROM for your viewing pleasure below.

The video demo comes our way courtesy of Jerry Hildenbrand over at Android Central and by way of @MennoMobile. The video demo lasts just on a minute and you get to see the Droid X boot up with a sapphire rather than the red eye.

The Droid X in the video is running a custom ROM called Sapphire AOSP 2.2 ROM, and considering the Droid X was supposed to be an unhackable device it just goes to show that the hackers out there never really give up.

Not much else to be said, other than I think the Sapphire does make a nice difference to that glowing red eye, so all you need to do now is head on down below and check out the video, and let us know what you think of the sapphire by dropping us a comment.

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