O2 UK Dell Streak Gains Android 2.1 September 1st or 2nd

After an earlier Android 2.1 firmware leak for the Dell Streak, the word hitting the net waves is that over here in the United Kingdom, Dell Streak owners will be seeing the official Android 2.1 update hit over the next couple of days.

According to an article over on Engadget Mobile by Richard Lai, and by way of The Really Mobile Project, O2 UK will roll out the final build of Android 2.1 to the Dell Streak as of Wednesday the 1st of September and Thursday the 2nd of September.

So true to their word, O2 UK has kept nicely in the previously mentioned “early September” Android 2.1 update time frame for the Dell Streak, so users keep your eyes open for it to hit over the next couple of days.

No word on whether our Dell Streak buddies over in the US of A will see the same Android 2.1 update hit their AT&T device at the same time or even if they will see it later in the month.

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