Samsung Bada OS What’s Happened to it?

Last year Samsung made a big splash letting everyone in the mobile space know they were going to push out their own mobile operating system called Samsung Bada, but what has actually happened with the hyped operating system?

According to an article over on Top 10 by Joe Minihane, the first smartphone to deliver the bada OS was of course the Samsung Wave, and recently we have seen a “pared down Samsung Wave 723 with Bada OS in tow.

However since Sammy made a big deal over pushing out the bada SDK for developers nothing seems to have really happened with bada while Google’s Android OS seems to be taking the mobile space by storm and then there’s Nokia’s MeeGo on the sidelines as well.

So what are Sammy’s plans for the bada operating system? If any of their tweaks are an indication it looks like bada will be relegated to the mid to low range device market delivering wider application access to the cheaper range of handsets. However if Google also pushes Android in the same market then bada will end up being pushed out as well, so what future for the Samsung bada OS?


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  1. Bada is the latest technology and better than the rest. So I was told when buying a Wave during the summer. That may be but it is not compatible with lots of stuff such as flash player. What else did I expect I bought betamax all those years ago.

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