Samsung Wave Officially Released in Canada by Rogers

For all our buddies over in the great white of Canada who have been patiently waiting to gain the first smartphone to pack Samsung’s Bada operating system, the Samsung Wave; Rogers has now officially released the device.

According to Kate O’Brien of Mobile Syrup, Rogers Wireless has released the Samsung Wave which commands a price tag of $99.99 based on signing up for a 3 year agreement with Rogers, or if you fancy playing the Samsung wave without contract the device will set you back some $474.99.

If you’d prefer gaining the Samsung Wave on a 2 year agreement the smartphone will cost $374.99 while on a one year agreement you can have the Samsung Wave for $424.99.

Spec wise the Samsung Wave offers the user a 3.3 inch Super AMOLED touch screen, 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording and video chat capabilities, WiFi, Bluetooth, Bada operating system, 1GHz processor, Samsung Apps access, and microSD expansion up to 32GB.


One thought on “Samsung Wave Officially Released in Canada by Rogers”

  1. Darwin says:

    Bought the New Samsung Wave today. What a sweet phone ! Beautiful piece of hardware. I'm still getting used to it, it's only been 5 hours and I love it. The video and audio are simply amazing. For an old guy like me , ( 46 ) I thought I would have trouble with the touch screen , but , it is surprizingly easy to use once you give it a fair chance. I read that you had to press too hard, ( that was one guy's opinion ). You DO NOT have to press hard at all. The screen is senstitive, as it should be but, not so much that your always messing up. ____I was originally looking at an iphone 4 or 3gs. I was able to try both the iphone 3gs and Samsung Wave, as they were set up in Future Shop. As much as I love the iphone 3gs, I preferred the feel and look of the wave. Internet browsing on the Wave was just as fast as the iphone 3gs. Touch screen look and response is very similar on each product. They both look Great !.
    Hope this is food for thought !

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