iPhone 4 White Unboxed and Pictured

This one is for all the iPhone faithful out there who are still patiently awaiting the arrival of the white version of the iPhone 4. Recently a Japanese site managed to get hold of a white iPhone 4 and did the only thing possible, unbox it and get snap happy with the camera.

According to an article over on Today’s iPhone by Adriana Lee, the snap happy Japanese website is Impress Watch, which does show off the white iPhone 4 in the best light and looks to be one sexy piece of Apple tech although unfortunately will still suffer the same antenna problems as the black version.

Although the article suggests that there is a rumour that when the white iPhone 4 does actually arrive, that antenna problem will be fixed as it is believed that the manufacturing hold up with the white version is Apple is working on fixing the antenna issue before release.

So take a look at the white iPhone pictures and hit up the link above for more and let us know if you are holding out for the white iPhone 4 or are becoming increasingly impatient with the delay and have decided to opt for something else.


5 thoughts on “iPhone 4 White Unboxed and Pictured”

  1. Scott R says:

    I am waiting out for thw White iPhone 4, if the antenna problem is fixed by the release date then thats perfect. If not I will probably still but it anyway after having a look and try of the iPhone 4.
    Scott R

  2. Milo Francoise says:

    I'm holding out for the white ones, but something tells me that its only being released to certain client groups at the moment. Which is annoying, if i knew who to contact and how much they were wanting to take for it I would gladly pay!
    Hurry up and fix this issue Apple because you're behind schedule

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