Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Poses for Pictures

The last of the Samsung Galaxy S range of devices to hit one of the big four carriers over in the US is the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Wireless, and now it appears the Samsung Fascinate has posed for some pictures.

According to an article over on Pocket Now by Chuong Nguyen and by way of the guys over at the Boy Genius Report, the Big Red variant of the Galaxy S will join the Sprint Galaxy S device the Samsung Epic 4G as one of the few Galaxy S models to sport an LED flash.

Apparently the current word is that Verizon will launch the Samsung Fascinate on the 8th or possibly the 9th of this month and could well be part of the Big Red’s new prepaid line up of Android devices.

So if you are a Verizon customer with a hankering to own a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone you may well be able to do so in just a few short days time. Will you be purchasing the Verizon Samsung Fascinate when it hits?


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  1. papa says:

    i'd say the reason for no comments is because this site on fascinate and h2d2 and the incredible is months behind the rest rest of us who live in todays date 02/13/2011

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