Can Samsung Galaxy S Become More Popular than iPhone 4?

We all know that at the moment the most popular smartphone available is the iPhone 4 despite having issues with the outside antenna, and the delay in the much sought after white iPhone 4, and the constant calls for a Verizon iPhone.

However, there may be a bit of a dark horse sitting on the sideline in the form of Samsung’s Galaxy S range of smartphones. Apple’s latest baby is of course just one handset as they can’t seem to push out the white version and constantly put off delivering a CDMA version for the Big Red.

Samsung on the other hand has the Samsung Galaxy S devices with all top US carriers such as the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile, Samsung Captivate on AT&T, the Samsung Fascinate soon to be on Verizon and of course the Samsung Epic 4G with Sprint.

The word is that Samsung managed to sell 1 million Galaxy S devices in 45 days of release, and that figure will undoubtedly grow. Obviously the iPhone and the abundance of Apple devotees out there have a huge start against Samsung’s devices, but given time, and if Apple continues to hold off pushing out what the public wants, Samsung Galaxy S devices may just possibly become more popular than the iPhone 4, what do you think?


6 thoughts on “Can Samsung Galaxy S Become More Popular than iPhone 4?”

  1. Manjong says:

    iPhone is very good. it's no doubt that is no.1. however we don't know which one will be no.1 in the future. i think Galaxy S will be there on the top soon. Galaxy S has better options than iPhone such as battery, good/fast service and something more. someone say iPhone has much applications. but Android and Samsung also will support and have those kind of apps and service like iPhone.

    Anyhow i think it's better there are pretty providers and manufactures in the markets. so uses can lots of advantage and good services.
    Thanks for your time~~:)

  2. androidbrujo says:

    it isn't a question of most, it is a question of when, since most people are stuck on apples ability to force advertisements down their narrow throats!

  3. Alls' well says:

    Until ONE singe model of any android phone sells 3 million units on one month, don't bother asking this rediculous question. All of this sites keeps lumping together the TOTAL sales of ALL phones running on the android system, which at last count was over 30 different models; and comparing them to the sales of the 4 Apple iphones.
    When some of you Apple haters really take your opinion out of the equation and deal with the number of units sold on a MODEL to MODEL basis, you will see how riduculos this question is. Everyone keeps saying that Apple is in the lead for now, but have to stop to think that with phone running the Android system being released almost every week, Not ONE INDIVIDUAL model has the number of unit sold for even the iPhone 3Gs, not the HTC Evo, not the Droid X, not the Galaxy, nor the Droid 2. maybe if you combined the total sale sure, but then is that a fair comparison????

  4. Matt says:

    ONE of the best things about Samsung Galaxy S is you won't have to deal with the Apple Store! I have never had worse service in my life! Therefore, I switched from iPhone to Android, and couldn't be happier.

  5. BayAreaCa says:


    You're a liar! You never had an iPhone.

    The app store is very intuitive and easy to use.

    Stop typing non-sense and go play checkers or something.

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