Will Apple Unveil White iPhone 4 and Verizon Offerings?

Tomorrow see the start of an Apple launch event where no doubt Steve Jobs will take centre stage and announced new goodies becoming available from the Apple camp in due course, and there is much speculations as to just what Steve Jobs will unveil.

But besides anything that Jobs and crew can come up with at the event there are two huge announcements that virtually everyone is waiting for, and probably hopes Jobs will touch on during this Apple event.

Those two huge hot topics are of course the white iPhone 4, and when will it finally see release into the public arena, and the other is of course a CDMA Verizon iPhone and when it is likely the Big Red will be able to offer the device.

Those two hot topics have dominated the smartphone arena for quite some time, and it is about time Jobs and crew gave their Apple devotees some straightforward answers, although I doubt that will happen. So what do you think, will Apple unveil the white iPhone 4 and Verizon offerings?


One thought on “Will Apple Unveil White iPhone 4 and Verizon Offerings?”

  1. JLCullen says:

    idk what to expect but i sure hope it is the white iphone 4!!!! At&t gave me my upgrade and the only reason im still holding on to this 3gs is becasue the white version wasnt released. I also heard new macs might come out but idk how accurate that is, just something i've heard. I am 80% sure a ipod touch with some kind of camera or video camera is going to be released this month. (one has already been spotted in china with the apple logo, box accesories and paperwork.

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