White iPhone 4 Will Be The Verizon iPhone 4?

Yes more rumour over the much talked about Verizon iPhone and of course the much waited for white iPhone 4. This time round though the rumour takes things a step further and may not be too favourable to some.

According to an article over on USA News Week, apparently media reports a claim that the much delayed white iPhone 4 is to be made CDMA compatible and come out to play as the Verizon iPhone 4.

The article states that some “curious techies” on the internet, believe that Apple has held back the release of the white iPhone 4 for the Big Red, although they don’t actually source anyone as saying this.

So if this latest rumour is to be believed, Apple hasn’t delayed the white version of the iPhone 4 because of paint, frames or any other issue, but has kept back the white iPhone 4 so it can be released as a white CDMA iPhone 4 for Verizon.

Seems unlikely, but plausible, perhaps Apple has told the Big Red they can have the white iPhone 4, but what about all those iPhone faithful who are still tied into an AT&T contract and have hoped to upgrade to the white version? Doing the above wouldn’t be seen as too favourable to them would it.


7 thoughts on “White iPhone 4 Will Be The Verizon iPhone 4?”

  1. Scott stetson says:

    It better be for verizon. I’ve tried AT&T and I still don’t know how they are still in business. I’ve been waiting for a verizon iPhone since the first one and I hope to have one on verizons network soon.

  2. Makes perfect sense. Then they can dodge the exclusivity agreement with AT&T – "not the same phone." (People are really stretching for info on the VZ iPhone now, don't you think?)

  3. KS70 says:

    right…this doesnt make any sense at all. You guys really must think that apple hates AT&T so much that they would withold the white iPhone from potentially millions of AT&T users that are currently waiting on the product. Get real…

    I sincerely believe that the proximity sensor issues that were experienced by iphone 4 users is the bigger problem. The sensor needed some software tweaking which will be released in IOS 4.1. The delay was so that they could test and load 4.1 (which is not yet released) on all of the white devices so that people wouldnt need to upgrade to get the sensor to work correctly.

    Make sense?

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