I’m Dreaming of a White iPhone 4 Christmas

Sorry just had that Christmas tune kicking round in my head and somehow the white iPhone 4 happened to slip in there, presumably due to the continued hope by many iPhone wannabees that Apple will play Santa this year and deliver the white iPhone 4.

I mean let’s face it the continued delay by Apple in pushing out the white version of their latest iPhone is becoming somewhat of a joke. Just how long does it take to put something right? Surely it can’t be that difficult to get a paint colour the right shade, haven’t we already seen some white handsets out in the wild?

If it’s to do with the antenna which some rumours suggest well just give the white iPhone 4 a white bumper case and be done with it, just get it into the hands of the public.

The word from Apple is that the white iPhone 4 will come later this year, well could it be that Apple is simply waiting to corner the market during the holiday season, knowing full well that if they release the white iPhone 4 close to Christmas their sales will probably skyrocket.

Can you imagine Steve Jobs in a Santa suit, sorry for inflicting that vision on you? So what do you think the chances are of Apple donning the red suit, playing Santa this Christmas and dropping a white iPhone 4 on your doorstep?


4 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White iPhone 4 Christmas”

  1. Ash says:

    Just go on ebay and buy a white case that look like the real deal white iphone 4, I have one on mine and people come up tho me all the the time asking where I got my white iphone from. lol.
    Just a thought, till they actually do come out.

  2. GoldenBoy2112 says:

    LoL….I was humming this phrase as well. How I came to be on this site. Yes, it is very frustrating. And I'm still waiting. There are obviously many rumors going around, and I don't think just one rumor is correct. I think there is a combination of things going on. The last of which is that I do believe Apple is purposely holding the white iPhone 4 back, to compete for market share during the holiday season. I can come up with many ideas alone on how Apple would market the commercials. It's fine if they want to do that, but it is unethical to tell the public it was coming out, when they knew damn well it wouldn't be released. I can deal with about anything as long as it is up front. I don't believe Apple was being honest. And they have lost some points with me for their dishonesty.

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