iPhone Dev Guru Wanted by Qualcomm, Dare we say Verizon iPhone?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Qualcomm the maker of CDMA chips, well apparently Qualcomm posted a job listing recently for an iPhone developer guru, which was apparently quickly taken down.

However, Ross Miller over at Engadget managed to grab the info from Google Cache, and apparently the Qualcomm job listing says “The iPhone has no secret for you? Well, that’s what you think… join us and develop the most challenging product of your life!”

The “iPhone Developer Guru” will have such responsibilities as “iPhone software design and development but not restricted to it,” also Android, server side development, web development and so on.

Of course though the first though on seeing such a job listing from Qualcomm is of course they want an “iPhone developer guru” for a CDMA iPhone, meaning this could be in connection with the Verizon iPhone. All assumption and speculation at the moment, but maybe, just maybe.

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