227 Million Chinese Use Mobile Phones to Access Internet

Apparently China doesn’t make any of the software that runs on computers albeit manufacturing most of them as the software is usually supplied by the likes of Microsoft and Apple, but if they need to outsource they usually turn to India.

Well apparently this may soon change as according to an article on The Telegraph by Malcolm Moore, the head of software testing company TestPlant, George Mackintosh, has said that “China is number one. There is a bigger opportunity here than in India. A couple of years ago, you would say India was the biggest market for our products. I don’t think it is now. What is happening here is going to rocket past India because software is going mobile.”

According to the China Internet Network Information Centre there are roughly 277 million Chinese using a mobile phone, and that over half of China’s computer users don’t own a computer but access the internet via their mobile handset.

Mackintosh also said, “Those phones are computers. You can use them to read a newspaper or get your executive reports.”


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