iPhone 4 Accessories: Dual SIM Adapter Case

Ever fancied having a dual SIM iPhone 4? Well apparently now you can as long as your iPhone 4 is unlocked as there is now a useful iPhone 4 accessory called the iPhone 4 Dual SIM Adapter Case.

Well it doesn’t quite change the iPhone 4 as the actual Dual SIMs aren’t held within the iPhone 4. According to an article over on Slash Gear by Chris Davies, and by way of Gear Diary,each SIM card slips into a special adapter which is then connected to the regular SIM tray and then wraps over the side of the iPhone 4 to rest on its rear.

The SIM adaptor and SIM cards are then covered by a plastic transparent case that clips over the iPhone 4 to keep the SIM adapter safe. Apparently there is no need to trim down the SIMs but you can’t have both active simultaneously.

However apparently the user can switch between SIMs without the need to reboot the iPhone 4 and you can choose the right card from the SIM Applications menu in the device’s settings. The iPhone 4 Dual SIM Adapter Case can be purchase from USBfever as of now and will set you back $28.99.


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  1. doctorfresh says:

    Given that both sims can't run at once – and having looked at the 'ugliness' of the solution – you may as well just swap sims without any additional stuff.

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