1 Million Samsung Galaxy S Handsets Shipped in US

It looks like Samsung has quite a success story on their hands with their Galaxy S range of smartphones as Samsung has recently announced that they have shipped 1 million of the devices in the United States to date.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores, that’s not bad going for Sammy considering the only Galaxy S devices available stateside so far are the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile and Samsung Captivate on AT&T.

However, that figure is set to rise as of today the 31st of August because the second smartphone capable of playing nice on a 4G network, the Samsung Epic 4G is due release. Furthermore today should also see the launch of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Fascinate.

With the launch of the other two Galaxy S devices it will mean all four major carriers in the US will offer a Galaxy S device, and no doubt both new Sammy devices, especially the Epic 4G will boost Samsung US sales even further.

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