iPhone 4 From China Unicom Includes Free Jailbreak?

The iPhone 4 is expected to become available in China via China Unicom as of the 16th of September, and apparently certain China Unicom stores will not only supply you the iPhone 4 but also jailbreak the device for you as well.

According to an article over on The Appera, by James Isabel, an article over on MIC Gadget claims that when a customer purchases an iPhone 4 from China Unicom the carrier will offer to jailbreak the device for free to any customer, as evidenced by a poster seen in a China Unicom store in Dongguan.

As you probably know, Apple isn’t too happy with people jailbreaking the iPhone, so I’m not too sure what Apple will make of this deal being offered by China Unicom as it basically goes right against Apple’s wishes, and to be quite honest if Apple allows China Unicom to jailbreak the iPhone 4, then why shouldn’t any other carrier offer the same service?

Apparently along with free jailbreaking of the iPhone 4 China Unicom will also offer SIM trimming, and installation of “10 hot apps,” although whether those 10 apps will be official apps or Cydia apps or hacked apps isn’t clear.

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