iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.2 Problems: Update Needs Apple Attention

Now this is personal as we are having some serious problems with the iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.2 update, we are using the Apple iPhone 4 and updated to the new operating system via iTunes like you do and since we have done this have experienced nothing but issues.

We will tell you the problems we are having and then you can let us know if you are experiencing the same problems and any other issues you are having.

Right where do we begin! Lets start with what we have mentioned before about the Bose Docking Station issue, when we had the older operating system on the iPhone 4 everything worked fine with no problems at all and then since iOS 4.0.2 installed on the iPhone 4 we have started to pull hairs from our head.

Since the update we cannot play any songs from the iPod on the Bose Docking station, all we get is ‘Device not compatible’ you know the message we could do without, so number 1 is no music on a docking system.

Number 2 problem is connecting via Bluetooth in a BMW 530d MotorSport, yet again with the old operating system we could pair the iPhone 4 with the BMW communication interface where we got to see all the contacts on our smartphone on the BMW dashboard, downloaded the new iOS 4.0.2 update and now we cannot even pair Bluetooth not alone see anything on the screen.

Number 3 problem is drop calls, now this one is my all time devil that needs an angel to sort because if not the iPhone will become a throwing stone down the beach playing silly skimming games. The phone rings and we answer it, everything is fine and then ‘BANG’ talking to my blooming self, we call the person back and they say “why did you cut me off”, having to explain sorry the call just dropped, which is a waste of breathe.

Number 4 problem is text messages, sometimes and we would say about 3 times out of 5 we send a text message to someone and it said ‘Message Sent Failed’ or something along those lines, ten minutes we try again and it is fine.

Number 5 problem is the bumper case, now we pay a whopping £600 for the Apple iPhone 4 smartphone and we get to see a beautiful design, you know the metal rim around the phone etc, but yet we have to cover the expensive device with a free Bumper case; sorry Apple this is one we would call pathetic. Maybe some users love to don a case for the iPhone 4 but we don’t.

Number 6 problem is the battery life, we have used many mobile phones over the years and we would have to say the iPhone is one of the worst devices for battery life, is this down to the whole iPhone 4 itself or is it down to the new iOS 4.0.2? Personally we say the OS because it was nowhere near as bad as it is now.

Apple please accept these problems on the chin and sort something out, we are not slagging you off but merely wishing you can give us products we deserve for the price. We use most of your products like the iPhone (Had everyone of them since 2007), the Apple TV, Mac Mini, Macbook Air, Apple iPad; we are very good customers of yours and wish a little back from you.

We have always been happy customers and wish to continue being happy customers, but since the iOS 4.0.2 update we have slowly gone off the idea of purchasing future Apple smartphones, do not get us wrong the iPhone is one of the best to date and we really mean that, but since the iPhone 4 and its latest update if not corrected we might have to give it the burial it deserves.

Right rant over so its your turn to have your say, if you are having similar problems or any other problems please do use the comments area below as we would love to hear from you.


31 thoughts on “iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.2 Problems: Update Needs Apple Attention”

    1. Spark says:

      AGREED You need bluetooth for doing business while on the road. I returned my iphone 4. I had all the same issues and MORE…

      Proximity Sensor… arrrgh

  1. Franc says:

    Bluetooth is useless if we can only use it with Apple and Apple alone! For the price we are paying, anything out there that is a smartphone can offer what iPhone could and if not even more!!! Wake up!

  2. John says:

    I have a Nissan X-Trail and I have serious problems with my iPhone 4 and my bluetooth radio, voice quality is poor, very poor, radio sometimes cuts in when I answer the phone as well as a delay before the other party can hear me. Had a Nokia E51 phone prior to the iPhone and it worked fine with my bluetooth radio, Nissan have indicated that the problem is with the phone not there radio. Not Happy with this phone, Apple need to get ther act together and "Fix" these ongoing problems, am also having "Proximity" sensor issues also !

  3. Franc says:

    When the world think the iPhone 4 is the only one having problem with reception, think again! My iPhone 3GS has it too! Be honest the rest of you using the iPhone 3GS. Just when I thought it was a “peaceful day”, the moment I fished the phone out from my pocket, it started ringing and then within the hour, I realized that the whole world was looking for me! I was missing in action!

  4. Yes,Bluetooth is a serious problem.Even more,new iphone 4 are being shipped with new 4.0.2.You cant downgrade to 4.0.1.And no jailbreak for 4.0.2.its just a fix for a hole,maybe thats the problem

  5. Good to know for iPhone users or potential iPhone owners, but what about iPod touch users? Well I can fill in a bit of info, I suppose. Older iPod touch devices (2nd gen) have had problems since ios 4.0. Wifi stays on all the time = battery life sucks. Also, slow, slow, slow. When I type, nothing appears on the screen, although it does register my “keystrokes”. Then, suddenly, everything that I typed appears. The device caught up with me! This doesn’t happen all the time. Apple (good-old Apple) knows about these issues since ios 4.0. I expected these problems to be fixed in the subsequent update. I downloaded 4.0.2 with anticipation. Surly Apple wouldn’t let us older users down, right? Surly Apple would stand out from the pack and remind us of why we were convinced of their superiority in the first place, right? Nope. Nothing. I guess I’ll just have to purchase a newer model to get the same experience I had when I first bought the thing. Not! Ha! Yeah right! Now that their tactics are obvious to me, I know better. Just bought the iPhone 4? Introducing iPhone 5! iPhone 4 users, please download this new, awesome firmware (developed using the faster CPU and more RAM in the iPhone 5). Did we mention that it’s 34% greener to reduce our carbon footprint? Now with italics! Ios 5.0; now it’s slightly better than before!

  6. ghawk says:

    I have 3GS with 4.0.2, which seems fine so far! I had issues with ghost emails.
    Think I'll NOT get an iPhone 4, till I read lots more positive comments!

  7. Alli says:

    iPod Touch 2G has wifi issues. It doesn't connect properly, and if in standby drains the battery right down to nothing. The only solution to save the battery life in standby is to use the airplane mode.

  8. annoyed says:

    I'm having the same dropped call problem, along with poor GPS service, terrible reception (and yet, an Apple 3G, which cannot run OS 4, placed next to my phone gets excellent reception on the same network), and frequent freezes.

  9. RobDJ says:

    I have 4.0.2 originally in my Iphone 4 (assembled in week 33) but have not had any of your problems. I connect it to my hand free system on my Renault without problems. But as I said it is not an update but came with 4.0.2.

  10. Rob says:

    Since installing new os version,iTunes does not start up when the phone is plugged into the computer,despite my ticking the box for it to do so.
    First the pathetic issue with the antenna and now this.
    I no longer have any faith in Apple to do things right as I did previosly.
    Jobs needs to stop with his excuses and start sorting things out big timeor they will lose an awful lot of previosuly faithful customers,and I know that for a fact.

  11. Alls' well says:

    Instead of blaming Apple for your docking issues, maybe you should contact Bose.
    No blue Tooth in my BMW?? Oh my god. you might as well put me in the grave. WOw!!! how arrogant. Once again, maybe you should call BMW and stop complaining.
    The last time I checked, EVERYONE had the freedom to buy whatever product they wanted to as long as they could afford them. If you hate the Apple iphone so much, go and get a Droid and stop complainig, or do you guys in the UK not have the option of buying the cell phone you want???

    1. Spark says:

      What is wrong with you? Closed minded! These are real issues and they have nothing to do with the hardware. I know.. I had the same problems, until returned my iphone 4 and downgraded to the 3GS which works flawlessly.

      Grow up!

  12. Alls' well says:

    I see you didn't post my comment. I guess I struck a nerve.
    But I will summarize what I said in my last comment. Instead of complaining about your iphone not working anymore with you Bose and you Beemer, you should simply go out and buy yourself one on the many Droid phones out there so that a far better version will become availbale a month later.
    No one is forcing you to use Apples products. Spend your money for the products that you love 100% then that way you have nothing to complian about,

  13. Awesome says:

    I have had none of these issues? 

    Infact my iPhone 4 has worked well, ok so if I take my case off the signal bar drops but, like most people, I have a case – I really don’t see what the issue is? 

    BTW – I had other phones – blackberrys, samsungs and XDA EXEC – all of which have had their own issues. 

    Man up people – life ain’t perfect, deal with it!!

    1. Spark says:

      You're lucky. A lot of my friends aren't having problems either. Trust me when I say if you were having these problems…(that I had) you would understand. You probably think we are exaggerating… we are not… the phones which are defective are virtually unusable. I returned mine.

      Good on you though for having one that works… it is a nice phone. I wish I could have kept it.

  14. Alex says:

    Recently i was using my GPS maps and i just have to say i am disgusted with the quality of the update. Now i can only get 2/5 bars reception and sometimes 3/5, wheres as before i updated i never got less than 4/5 bars, which is not good when im stuck in the middle of no where with my family with no reception.What i am going to have to do is restore factory settings and just update to the 4.0 and just skip out the 4.9.2 software, come on apple we oay more for these smart phones so we deserve more!

  15. Disappointed with apple says:

    Since updating to v.4.0.2 I’ve had constant problems. Initially problems communicating with exchange server, then as one problem is fixed, another appears. Currently calendar virtually useless as crashes whenever I want to view diary a few days ahead – unless I go into month view first. Bizarre. Then so called apple support lead me thro clearing whole iPhone and reinstating factory settings, then reload from backup, assuring me that my other apps would come back. Lost all other apps in process, then one day later entire text conversations and phone records simply disappeared. Apple said they would upgrade my support to a ‘real expert’ and get someone to call me within 2 days. Nobody called. This is unbelievably rubbish service and I cannot recommend an I phone to anyone. My IT support company have reverted to system v 3 and everyone I speak to knows of these problems but apple denies knowledge or help, meantime in UK we get locked into an expensive contract with this junk, so, so-called ‘all’s well ‘ (joke) is out of court to be so dismissive of rubbish service.

  16. Lewis says:

    My HD Video doesn't record the sound, instead a loud noise almost like interference blocks all sound. Does anyone else have this problem? This happens when my dad tries to use FaceTime too.

  17. Ljordan27 says:

    i have a 3GS model and last week upgraded to 4.0.2 and now i have NO picture mail!!! i dont even have the camera icon in the text window i used to have and in the messages settings the MMS feature is GONE.. if i try to email or text a pic.. guess what? there is NO mms option!! only email !! WTF???!!!

  18. Guest says:

    I upgraded to 4.0.2 a couple days ago and have had several problems now as well. They need to fix this. How about testing your software before launching it!!!

    And for you people telling everyone to shut up and spend your money somewhere else… well that is simply the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. "Contact BMW or Bose" ?!? Are you serious? The car and the bose base work fine idiot. It was the iphone that was the problem. "Hello BMW, my phone is messed up and wont work with your product anymore. What should I do?" They will tell your dumb *** to pull your head out of your *** and call apple.

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