iOS 4.0.2 Update Problems: Accessory Is Not Compatible With My iPhone!

This is on a personal note, now I use the Apple iPhone 4 and use it quite a lot to login to phonesreview.co.uk to check updates, check over the site, also I check emails, approve comments etc you get the point. Well it seems since updating my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.0.2 I have had nothing but problems.

My Personal Problem: I have the Bose Sound Dock, which I use every time I work as I love to listen to light music in the background but since the iOS 4.0.2 update I cannot use my iPhone 4 with the Bose System, all I get is ‘accessory is not compatible with my iPhone’, Pain in the backside is the polite way of putting it. I have had other problems like phone cuts off half way through a call, I have had a few more and will reveal these over the next few days.

A phonesreview.co.uk reader has posted a comment that is having the same problem, the comment reads:

I have an iPhone 3GS.

I just set up my roommate’s Bose Sound Dock so that I can bring it into the bathroom and jam out to my favourite music while in the shower (sorry, too much info…)

Well I updated recently to iOS 4.0.2 and guess what…. I went to set up my Bose Sound Dock for some crazy shower music time, and sure enough… My music will play for a hot second, and then I get a popup saying that this accessory is not compatible with my iPhone.


It was compatible YESTERDAY!

You know, I switched to Apple products so that I could enjoy them across the board, without boundaries.

Now that Apple owns me completely (in other words, I’ve been a loyal customer) I feel like they’re the big bully on the school playground beating me up for my lunch money.

PLAY FAIR, APPLE! Don’t make your customers REGRET choosing Apple!

If anyone has any answers to the above problem that would be great, if you are having the same issue we would love to hear from you, what problems have you come across since updating to iOS 4.0.2 update?


7 thoughts on “iOS 4.0.2 Update Problems: Accessory Is Not Compatible With My iPhone!”

  1. Ngoni says:

    Yup… I have got a 3GS that I have always docked to a JVC dual iPhone dock (with my wife's 3G).

    I am not getting the dreaded "…this accessory is not compatible with this phone" or something like that, whenever I drop my iPhone into either docking bay on the JVC, but my wife's phone (which I regretfully upgraded to iOS4.xx at the same time as mine) does not elicit the same rejection.

  2. Steven says:

    Hmmm, I’ve heard many complaints for the 4.0.2 update, most of which appear to be related to cables and 3rd party docking devices but my issues are different (iPhone 3GS):

    Since the update, my battery has been losing its charge much faster than usual (other settings set same as before the update). Another issue that popped up is all my downloaded 3rd party apps no longer worked, whereas the original apps that came with the iPhone were fine! This was fixed by downloading an app update from the app store – this fixed all the other downloaded apps. Weird, but true!

  3. Chris says:

    I have recently bought a pair of monster studio beats, and the handsfree does not work with the new update. Loads of interference and when you click the microphone button nothing happens. Anyone else had this problem?

  4. James says:

    I have had the same problem. I have a third party cable to connect my iphone to my car radio. Since the update I get about four messages all at the same time even though it works just fine and always has . If it was just once the message appeared I wouldn't bother but since the update it comes back with the same message every five minutes or so. If I happen to have my bluetooth headset connected it locks that out during calls until I clear the message. Is there any need for Apple to writing code like this just because a person does not want to pay twice as much for the apple logo? ohh and it drops calls too when dialing. As soon as my contract expires will be dropping my iphone with the message "This apple product is not compatible with my life" followed by "Never run an update it your happy with it".

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