iPhone iOS 4.0.2 Problems: Your Views

So Apple pushed out the new iOS 4.0.2 to the iPhone which in effect sealed the jailbreakMe PDF exploit and thus halted jailbreaking the iPhone something we all knew was coming, and no doubt there will be a work round that in the near future.

Now no doubt many iPhone 4 users have updated to iOS 4.0.2, and we’d like to know how you have found the iOS 4.0.2 update other than sealing the PDF patch it was required to do or are you facing some problems with iOS 4.0.2?

For example my colleague, Mark owns an iPhone 4 and updated to iOS 4.0.2 and since doing so he’s found that whenever he places his iPhone 4 into his Bose docking station to play music the device shows an error message saying …”This Accessory is not Compatible.”

Now I’m fairly sure that his problem is not an isolated case and other iPhone 4 users may be experiencing similar issues, so we’d like to know if any of our iPhone 4 users are facing problems after downloading iOS 4.0.2, and for them to let us know by posting their problems to our comments area below…many thanks in advance.


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  1. LR Steve says:

    The iPhone will show that message occasionally when docking to the Bose. I would encounter it every few weeks regardless of OS version. Just reboot the phone. That always fixes the issue for me.

  2. BRAD says:

    It''s not the 4.0.2. That has happened to my iphone in diffrent versions. That happens when the connection insert on the bottom of the iPhone gets worn out.

  3. John Rutledge says:

    Just finished updating to iOS4. It completely wiped out my folder structure, downloaded apps, music, photos and other files. I had to restore my phone and this time it only restored back to factory setup. It did allow me to recover my contact list and emails, but other than that ….nothing. I am VERY disappointed in the updates. They cause more problems than they fix. Apple should change its name to Microsoft.

  4. ghawk says:

    YES, on 3GS, very disappointing! You'd think they could make OS more efficient so that we'd have better battery life! I do still have my folders, my images, etc.
    I am not influenced to get an iPhone 4.

  5. Tom devlin-James says:

    Since updating my iPhone to the latest update, phone cuts out and freezes on trying to make calls. I have to restart to clear the problem

  6. Peter Caulfield says:

    Since the 4.02 update I too get the incompatible accessory error message on my 3GS and yet I have no accessories attached (unless you count the leather sleeve i keep it in. The problem is this message keeps appearing every time i attempt to do anything on my phone! It is driving me MAD! is it possible to downgrade to the 4.0 software?

  7. clive says:

    had the 4g for a month now apple have not really listened to there customers one off the biggest problems being.BLUETOOTH still doesn't work. typical company the customers views are not important.i think they are selling faulty goods so will be returning phone and asking for my money back.we all need to say fix or f— off..

  8. Ian Russell says:

    I have a 3Gs which has now lost all contacts data since the 4.0.2 upgrade. It will not sync, even after a factory reset and restore from backup

    1. JOSH says:


    2. Corky says:

      I have the same problem. I have 2 domains and I cant get the email to send outbound. I think it's some sort of a security problem as I have one (not my domain) and it's SSL enabled and works fine.

  9. Mike J. says:

    I've had problems with my iPhone4 since upgrading to 4.0.2, where after sending a multimedia message (photo or video) I am unable to make calls. I have found that the message does not completely send and hangs right before the progress bar completes. If I try to make a call in that state, the call will try to connect, but never get anywhere. The worst part is that I can't end the call, pressing the end button simply hangs there. I have to quit the app. The only way I've been able to get the text (mulitmedia, really) messages to send is to restart the phone and then go into the messaging app and click on the red circle exclamation marks to resend them.

    My wife said she has had similar issues on her 3GS in the past.

    This is the first problem I've had with my iPhone4, after no problems on my old 3G.

    I'm guessing this isn't a common problem, but I have only noticed it since going to 4.0.2

  10. Mike J. says:

    I should add, that I did have one problem with my 3G, which influenced my upgrade to 4. Once I installed 4.0 (and subsequently 4.0.1) my 3G became very sluggish doing basic tasks (writing a text message) or checking email– to the point of becoming almost unusable. I think that is a relatively common problem attributed to a less powerful platform trying to run a more resource-hungry operating system.

  11. Just tried the upgrade and it wiped out my brand new iPhone. Can't get it to restore and it is stuck in the recovery mode. Tried the various fixes Apple recommends and nothing works. Just wondering if there are others who now have a non-functioning iPhone after this upgrade. Good thing I held onto my 3GS

    1. i also crashed my iphone 4 after ios 4.0.2 . i attempted to restore and it became stuck in recovery mode, took it to my local retailer and they could not fix. after fighting with apple they overnighted me a box . now my phone is in CA, and im patiently waiting for its return…..also when all this happened my phone was officially 24 hours old, I had already had to wait more then a week for it the first time

      1. Stacey says:

        Just updated my ipohne #G – 16gb with the update 4.0.2 and it is dead…stuck in recovery mode with the iTunes icon. Will not restore – have tried several times keep getting error 1604 or 2002. wish I would have read the posts before I tried to update as I wouldn't have done it..I have no phone and no alarm clock either for tomorrow morning…not happy.

  12. Ronnie says:

    Since I updated to 4.0.2 I have been having problems using Netflix website. When I try to add movie to my queue the keyboard in Safari freezes and have to close browser. Hope they fix issue.

  13. FynnBob says:

    Updated my 3Gs because of all the issues I've been having with iOS 4 since I install it. Issues like I cannot use 3G for phone calls since they more often than not go straight to my voice mail even though I have a strong signal. Making calls takes about 30 – 40 seconds to kick in once I've dialed the number. Edge works fine but is slow as hell when browsing so I have to switch to 3G if I need to surf. Battery life is horrible too
    Come on Apple, this is ridiculous. Don't make me switch to a competitor device.

  14. floris says:

    I have an Iphone 3gs, it doesn't work for me either. I tried to update it, but at the install itself, it just can't get it on my phone. Now i gotta reboot, but that doesn't work. When he tries to put os 4.02 on it, it crashes at the exact same point. Can someone help me? thank you

    1. simon says:

      i have just had the sam problem with an iphone4 it has taken me 5 hours to get it back from being a BRICK…. i tried all the ways apple said and none worked so i deleted the update of my computer and re downloaded andit installed perfectly and now i have a fully functional iphone 4 again… hope this helps

  15. Mike H says:

    Updated my iphone 4 to ios 4.0.2 last nite and now all the images in my camera roll are black. Can view them if selected individually but won't preview the whole folder. Anyone else with similar issue?

    1. Nick says:

      Same here… about 20% of the very first pictures taken can be seen in the camera roll and any taken after the update… the rest is a black rectangle. Also, the Safari browser has been freezing randomly since…

  16. Dj Tragik says:

    I Hav The 3G In Since I Updated To 4.0.2 On The iPhone My Music Library Hasnt Been Acting WIERD, I Select The Song I Want In Sumtimes it Skip It N Wont Let Play A Bunch Of Ssongs It Was Pratically Fine Before I Updated And Restore it, But Yeh Also Wen I send messages Dey freeze n wont send so i hav to restart my phone, & Also it wnt let me open some of my Apps, i open them and den dey close n go bak to the home screen

  17. fuzzydorset says:

    update? Wished I learnt my lesson last time I "updated"… just spent the last 90 minutes (and Im sure there are more spending longer) trying to get it back to the same set up it was 91 minutes ago!!!! Dont think I will bother doing this all again!!! Although, this time I learnt to update with every piece of protection (firewall/anitvirus software) off, and plugging into another USB port as explained on ( http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1275 – error 14). Hope this helps someone as Im annoyed, AGAIN!!!

  18. I have an IPOD Touch 3g. I updated it to iOS 4.0.2. Everything is perfect till now except for one small problem. My photo app (which is a default apple App) Opens and then closes. I cannot see any photos. Other 3rd party photo apps (like photo chest) do not have the same problem. I have been checking the net to see if anybody else has the same problem but not able to get this anywhere. Does anybody have any solution / fix for this?

  19. Diane N says:

    Same problem happened to me, with my 3gs, couldn't download the 4.02 update (kept timing out) after trying repeatedly I managed to download it, then it, wouldn't install it went straight to the recovery & update mode (I was using a Sony Laptop with Vista) and wasn't able to use the iPhone, l'd lost everything.

    I managed to get around it by using another computer to do the recovery and update, then went back to my laptop to recover all lost information from the backup, most things went on exactly as they should have, even down to the correct page from the book I was reading, the only thing that didn't go back was the folders I'd arranged my apps in, which is no hardship as they're easy to configure.

    It's helpful to have more than one computer with iTunes installed.

  20. Craig says:

    After upgrading to 4.0.2 on my iphone 4 my textmsgs dont work, it takes a full 45 seconds to search for a network once restarted (used to be instant) and it keeps saying "could not activate cellular data netork" even though it (eventually) has full signal. So… i cant check for email and the safari is soooooooooo slow.

    total peace of sh!t im so so so angry with Apple. this is already my second iphone 4. android all the way from now on

  21. Michael says:

    Since updating to 4.0.2 my Wifi attempts to discover networks but does not see any wireless networks. It worked great BEFORE the update!!!!!! Even after trying to manually enter wifi network settings, resetting the phone, resetting the phones network settings, and running numerous restores with different backup histories, it still does not work. Apple's tech support only replies are to upgrade the wireless router firmware…….if that was the case then the entire America will have to do this you, you lunk heads…….especially if it worked before and now doesn't see anything; the second reply was to set an appointment at Apple……..and for those of you who do not have warranty…….and have been inconvenienced by Apple due to their poor QA (quality assurance), you will end up paying a nominal fee of $199…… "If they deem it to be a hardware issue." My response is, if it was working before and now it isn't….directly after the upgrade and you deem it is hardware, then it's a direct result of your firmware……Apple ..you should have a class action law suit against you. In my case, it happens to convenience Apple because I'm in the window for a phone upgrade…..probably a conspiracy.

  22. Christina says:

    My iphone 3G is a piece of crap since I updated the 4.0 and 4.0.1. It is sluggish and slow for everything I want to do…open text messages, view photos, make calls, surf the net. I have wiFi at home and it used to work perfectly. Since the update in June, it locks up, is very slow (if it goes at all), and it won't do what I command it to. The person at the iPhone store told me, under their breath, to search how to get the 3.0 back. Is this ridiculous or what???? iPhone 4? Forget it, Apple. I'm looking elsewhere. As far as I'm concerned, this is an iBRICK! Very frustrating!

  23. Josh says:

    to be frank most of these problems sound like we are trying to do the update with our virus programs running. I find the updates do not even download completly with kapaskey antivirus running. Try paussing protection before you start itunes this might help. by the way updated a 3g and 4g with no problems.

  24. david says:

    after upgrading my 3gs know somehow my mail shows i have messages from 1987? i cannot delete unless i reboot the phone and that doesnt work all the time, really annoying

  25. Karen says:

    I am having a problem with my wifi saying it is connected but safari or my email and anything else that requires wifi not able to load up. i am so sick of this crap. this has been one thing after another. when will it ever end???

  26. HELPME says:



  27. Andrew Elias says:

    I have a 3gs upgraded to 4.0.1 and it was awfull, dropped every call at 5 minutes and operation was slow. Then upgraded to 4.0.2 and still the same,dropped calls, will not open phone app if i want actually use the phone as a phone and takes a long while to get reception if i want to browse…. Iphone are a great idea but Apple do need to go back to the drawing board. Good Luck… Andrew Elias

  28. sean says:

    i have an ipod touch 3g 32 gb and it worked great after upgrading to 4.0.2 i became sluggish and now it will not even recognize my finger i can opperate the home and sleep button but it is as if im not even touching the screen it worked fine until this update i dont know what else to link this to help please if i could id downgrade to 4.0.1 but i dont know how I am restoring now im not very optimistic

  29. Sky says:

    I updated it and it showed error on installing all my apps. So i lost all my apps and when I went in to redownload from the app store on my iphone (itunes wouldn't let me sync them) it made me pay for them again.

    On top of that ever since I installed it, my iphone is a bit slower, 4.0.1 and 0.2 deleted all my contacts that weren't synced in my outlook, it freezes up consistently, the battery does not last as long, and it no longer works/syncs to the sync bluetooth system in my ford fusion. It says this accessory does not work. It wont work on any car charger. No car charger I have used with charge it now.

    Does anybody recall the last time Apple released software updates (4.0.1 and 4.0.2) this close together. It just seems like ever since the antenna issue with the iphone 4, problems are popping up left and right. I have been using apple since i was a little kid. I havent ever had this many problems with anything apple. Seems like apple and microsoft are switching places. Windows 7 is now problem free as far as I have seen and mac is problematic.

  30. Marc says:

    After updating to 4.0.2, my purchase Radar app from the App Store no longer will update the radar. I'm not paying another $2.99 to install it again only to find out that 4.0.2 is preventing it from working properly.

  31. H x says:

    I have an iPhone 3GS which is 3wks old, I updated last nite to the 4.0.2 n now I cannot connect to the internet! My collegue has the 4.0.1 on his n he can find the Cellular Data settings in Settings > Networks > Cellular data settings, however mine only has an option to to turn on CD not fix the settings, anyone have any idea where the "settings" option has been "moved" to??
    My mom and my friend are both having the same probs with the internet I have to connect to my homes wifi to use my internet, bit pointless as at home I can just get my laptop out!! Grrrr

  32. nathan turney says:

    Since i updated i have been unable to make a call lasting more than 30 seconds and when i get a call i cannot hang up from it and my phone stays live:( i have to turn it off to get it to work again!

  33. Ivor Cooper says:

    Just to add to the 'pot' – since installing Software Version 4.0, I've had horendous problems in almost every area – mobileme/outlook etc etc. I've gradually managed to sort most issues, but the iphone is now very sluggish. Since reading much of the above, updating to 4.0.2 is not top of my to-do list.

  34. Sandy says:

    I have a 3G and since the 4.0.2 upgrade my default photos and camera won't load and there are photos missing. I'm wasting precious time trying to fix this. Thank you Apple!

  35. William says:

    I have an iPhone 3G and I just updated to the 4.0.2 software and I have to say that I am VERY disappointed. Ever since I have updated to the software, anytime I am on my phone, I can't pull the phone away from my face to use it. Before hand, if I was on the phone with a friend and they were asking me for someones number, I could pull my phone away and look at my screen, hit contacts and give them the number. Now my phone locks up while I'm on the phone. I can't even select "hang up" when I'm finished with my call. I have to wait for them to hang up or push the lock button on top. The screen stays black and I have absolutely no idea why. At this point, I'm hunting down the previous version of iPhone OS so I can restore it to that version because I honestly believe that it's the new iPhone software v4.0.2 that is messing it up.

  36. Sean says:

    Mine is two fold. I bought a brand new Nissan Maxima which integrates my iphone 3Gs. It has always been able to play all of my music and display album art on the nav screen. Now it is completely incompatible. The second concern is that I work at the dealership and how do I now tell customers that the iPod integration which the window stickers on some cars promise will not work?

  37. Paul M says:

    I updated to iOS 4.0.2 and it is horrible. My phone is super slow, all of my contacts somehow got completely screwed up with phone numbers and emails showing up for the wrong contact. Had to use my last backup which I hadn't preformed in months. LONG AND SHORT this update SUCKS! DO NOT INSTALL IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY.

  38. Neil Sadler says:

    After updating to ios 4.0.2, my 3GS signal is much better, but wifi password incorrect pops up all the time, forget network and start again. Occasionally in safari the web page will full zoom (on it’s own) then refuse to zoom back out. In calls, sometimes it randomly reboots. Voice control is completely messed up, to the point where it becomes funny. “call Mick Kennedy Mobile” now says “calling 4784962” ( it does it with most of my contacts)

  39. stellarpod says:

    My 3Gs phone crashed during 4.0.2 update. Had to do the whole recovery and rebuild from backup thing. Lost a couple of apps in the process. Lost photos locked in my vault app. Most importantly, NONE of my 3rd party apps will now run – NONE OF THEM!!!

    These apps try to open, I get a glimpse of them and then they shut down immediately. What a crock! Thanks Apple. >:(

  40. Deane says:

    now my device keeps prompting me for my voicemail password. It won't accept my password! oh no, can I restore back to 4.0.1?

    Yep. It's official. Upgrading to 4.0.2 completely un-set-up my voicemail box. I used to have voicemails on there. It went bye-bye.

  41. Sharon Mayer says:

    I updated to 4.0.2 and am no longer able to receive or be notified of any of my voicemails. This is so absolutely frustrating!!! AT&T troubleshooted with me for 30 minutes and finally threw in the towel and said I would have to restore my phone to the default settings and start over again. This is outrageous! Apple, puleeze help all of us and provide a proper fix so I can once again tell everyone how much I love my iPhone! My heart goes out to all of us frustrated upgraders!!!

  42. Valerie says:

    i have the iphone 3gs and now my fb account has issues (too many to list), i can't plug into my docking station without getting the not compatible error. Are they going to update the update? dayum

  43. Karl says:

    Since the upgrade my phone does not send text messages anymore. The SEND button simply is "greyed out" (well, in elegant blue however…)
    if I put "…." at the end, in a new line, it sends it out, but not reliably.
    I love the iPhone, but this makes me want to go back to iOS 3.x, at least that worked without issues.

  44. Derek says:

    I upgraded last night and the 4.02 update just wiped my iphone… Contacts, music, EVERYTHING. And now, when I put it to sleep, it won't wake up and i'm forced to restart it. On top of that, the battery drains at a monstrous rate while it's asleep. Any help or am i f**ked?

  45. Daniel says:

    I found that the multitasking doesnt work longer. I started Spotify and when the phone went in enrgy safe mode, Spotify stopped playing. So i tested again and opened system settings nad Spotify stopped again. Has anyone else seen this?

  46. Sam I says:

    I'm having many problems since I did the install of 4.0.2 I lost all my contacts on my phone and when it synced to my computer it deleted them all out of Outlook.I tried to recover and again it was blank. All the passwords to my emails boxes and to my wifi networks were no longer there. Some of them have more than 20 characters and it is a pain resetting them all. I cannot log into my network at work anymore I says it is not trusted and when I click on accept it looks connected but keeps on blocking the connection. I have talked to our help desk and they say there is not a problem with the security Certificate. Everything is very slow and the drain on my battery at night when nothing is running I shut out of all my apps and put it in airplane mode. Yup they blocked the security hole alright. This is ridiculous. I'll delete all the PDF and go back to using the 4.0.1. Oh yes we can't go back Silly me!

  47. Sam I says:

    Oh in my last comment I forgot to say my Voice command does not work with my headset. I say call home and I get a song Playing "Sweet Home Alabama". Not even close!

  48. Amanda says:

    I just upgraded from a 3G to an iphone 4. When I went to sync it, I restored it from a previous backup so as not to lose all of my data. It restored to a backup from 3 weeks ago, which caused my ipet pets app, and tap birds to recognize that I have not done anything in 3 weeks, my pet died and all my birds. I was able to pet and feed my cat back to life in ipets, but the problem is with tap birds, it costs money to revive the birds, plus i have spent like 20 dollars getting all of the breedable birds and still had 12 bird bucks but it wiped all that out. I have a backup from my 3G with all of the current stuff on it, so I tried to restore and back up from that one, but now its hanging on the 4.0.2 os update, it times out after 10 minutes after trying it about 15 times, its not getting better. any advice on how to keep it from updating? it already has ios 4.0.2 on it. Oh and I had no problems with the newest software that i noticed, but then i didnt do much with it cuz i was pretty pissed about losing the tap birds data. I didnt lose contacts or anything, maybe that was cuz I chose the option to use an old backup?

  49. Tary says:

    Just updated to 4.02 n now I can’t view my photos as a list I have to click on them individually. I can’t even tell which photo I clicked on is anyone having the same problem or fixed theirs. Can help

  50. Sim says:

    Is this apples way of forcing 3G/3GS customers to get the iPhone 4???

    Since the 4.0.2 update I’ve had nothing but problems when making phone calls and sending texts. 9/10 text messages don’t go through and I resent over and over again until it finally accepts. I also get text messages later. I received a message that was timed for 20 minutes prior!

    Also, in 9/10 calls it fails saying call failed!!! Im not even moving and it’s in an area where I always have coverage so it cannot be my network! Not only that, when I try to accept a call on the other line, I select end call and answer but I can’t hear the person speak!!!!! So I press the end button but guess what?? It doesn’t end!!!! Once I go back to call the person back, the time doesn’t even come up and doesn’t


    This is the worst possible update I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never had so many problems with my phone. I’m so disappointed in apple and I hope these problems will be fixed asap!!!!!

  51. DisappointedInApple says:

    Yeah I have an iPhone 3G 16GB, was about to sell it and get a FIDO iPhone 4 but reading all this I'm not sure I want to now: seems like Apple's really going down hill here 🙁

    On topic: I DID just upgrade to iOS 4.0.2 on my iPhone 3G. Funny thing: Internet (3G) and txt messaging were on the fritz (in and out in functioning) PRIOR to the upgrade. Now I'm not 100% but they SEEM to be okay since having upgraded to iOS 4.0.2.

    The down side?? NONE of my 3rd party apps work anymore – including what are probably 3rd party apps but CAME WITH THE PHONE nonetheless (like Shazam). They go to the start screen, then they just close themselves and go back to the apps menu. ON TOP OF THAT all my pictures (once crystal clear on old operating system) are now crystal thumbnails, but if you open the pic to view the picture it's all low – res and pixelated! They're no good to look at anymore at all 🙁 — and come to think of it my music library has been acting a little funny recently – album art missing from different songs, but all the songs on that album.. that sort of thing. Finally: The phone is slow as hell performing basic tasks (as a previous poster had said) — it's almost forcing me to upgrade the phone.

    As a side note, on upgrading to iTunes 10, the "shuffle" function didn't work at all during play back on my laptop using iTunes.. I think it works now but damn was that weird!

    If anyone has had any of those problems, or *even better* knows how to solve any or all of them — Pls reply! 😀

  52. Ali says:

    I think 4.0.2 was full of bugs. 3 different problems now I have experienced.

    While watching a video on Youtube, it froze and could not even switch off. Had to leave it for several hours for the battery to self-drain to ZERO. Recharged it and back on now…

    The other 2 times, it hung on the contacts screen sub window and had to switch it off and back on.

  53. Sue says:

    Upgraded to iOS 4.02 and all my music, audiobooks and films disappeared. If I click on the phone in iTunes it says they are all there, but on the actual phone it says no content. Now performing a restore to see if they come back b***** apple.

  54. Saldoo says:

    I have a jailed broken Iphone 4 running on version 4.0. Endless problems, i cant connect to 3G netrwork because the cellular data network menu is missing.Secondly, I can t view the pictures i restored from my previous 3G. I cant move applications into a folder….Endless problem..My advise never purchase a jailborken Iphone 4. Buy it unlocked from Apple.

  55. slayml says:

    Updated my iPhone4 to IOS 4.02 last night and now when playing music from any view it doesn't skip to the next tune, it just replays the same tune over and over until you manually change to the next tune.
    I should have kept 4.01, it worked great! Apple….just got some "splainin' to do Lucy!"

  56. Ginger says:

    Since updating my 3G iPhone to is 4.2.1 my 3G no longer works I’ve rebooted my phone many times to try and fix the problem and still no joy then once I had turned off the 3G my phone started to act the way I wanted it to but Internet slow

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