iPhone 4 DoCoMo: What Do Japan Users Think?

This month may well see the Japanese version of the iPhone 4 see a boost in sales due to NTT DoCoMo enabling iPhone 4 customers to use their stronger wireless network if you have an unlocked iPhone 4 of course.

According to an article over on Money Control, NTT DoCoMO’s smaller rival Softbank which currently is the only supplier of the iPhone 4 and iPad has seen strong subscriber growth since offering the Apple products.

However Japan Communications believes that offering SIM cards that support NTT DoCoMo network info that can be used by unlocked mobile handsets would give the opportunity to customers to use the NTT DoCoMo network id they so wish.

NTT DoCoMO is Japans largest wireless operator and has been strengthening their smartphone offer to counteract the effect of the iPhone 4, but with the operator opening up their network to unlocked iPhone 4 units it could grab more custom.

Basically it’s a good move by NTT DoCoMo to enable unlocked iPhones to use their network, although it may pinch some custom from Softbank, but what to Japanese users think about this move? If any of our readership is in Japan let us know your views on this matter by posting a comment below…many thanks.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 DoCoMo: What Do Japan Users Think?”

  1. I have been a Docomo user ever since I got my first cell phone a very long time ago. I was just about to switch to Softbank so I could get the new iPhone 4 but will hold off a bit more to see what Docomo offers. My only concern is having to buy an unlocked iPhone which will be expensive. If Docomo will not offer to sell the iPhone until next year then maybe I will make the switch. I've waited long enough and even though Docomo might have a stronger network, I would switch cell phone carriers in order to get an iPhone. I wonder why Docomo did not sell the iPhone in the first place.

  2. Felon Monk says:

    Tokyo, Tokyo-to here and a Docomo HT-03a(HTC MyTouch) user. I must say that in the beginning of Softbanks iPhone sells, i thought about switching over. I thought long and hard but decided not to. Then Docomo received its first Android phone, the HT-03a. I was extremely happy with the phone even though the market was not yet unlocked for the Japanese market, so we saw very few apps. Also the iPhones market dwarfed anything the android could even dream of having. But when it really came down to it, a solid telephone signal and Docomo finally coming around and getting better smartphones, solidified my choice in staying with them.
    So in saying that, i believe Docomo made an excellent decision because alot of my friends who love their iPhone cant stand their service with Softbank. Those same people with more then likely transfer their service over to Docomo when their contracts are up. Also with Japan making it so you can transfer your phone number when you leave one cellular company for the next, there is nothing stopping Softbank users from moving over to a better cell phone company.

  3. Nicolas says:

    A major problem with the iPhone 4 running via a Japan Communications SIM card over the Docomo network is that the data transfer will be limited to 300Kbps (download) over the normal 3G standard 7.2Mbps!!

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