Samsung Epic, Can It Outshine iPhone 4?

When the first 4G enabled smartphone, the HTC EVO 4G came out the usual happened, it got compared to what was being referred to back then as the iPhone 4G which turned out to be called the iPhone 4, with such posts as HTC EVO 4G to kill iPhone 4G prior to launch, and the usual is it better than the iPhone 4G kind of thing.

Well guess what, there’s another 4G enabled smartphone entering the smartphone fight and this time the iPhone 4 is already out and suffering a bit from some rather bad coverage due to the Apple debacle known as antennagate.

That new smartphone coming out to play soon is of course the Samsung Epic 4G, the latest 4G enabled device ready to play nice on the 4G waves alongside its sister handset the HTC EVO 4G. The Samsung Epic 4G is a Samsung Galaxy S class handset which has hade quite good things said about the range.

You all know the iPhone 4 specs list, and you all basically know the Samsung Epic 4G specs list, so you have iPhone 4 3.5 inch touch screen against Samsung Epic 4 inch touch screen, iPhone 4 Retina Display against Samsung Super AMOLED display, iPhone 4 5 megapixel camera against Samsung Epic 5 megapixel camera, iPhone 4 iOS4 against Android 2.1 OS and so on.

But the Samsung Epic 4G can do one thing the iPhone 4 can’t and that is run on both 3G and 4G networks, something that Apple doesn’t seem to bothered about for now. However with the continued rollout of 4G network, can the Samsung Epic 4G outshine the iPhone 4 and leave it standing in the shadows?

What are your thoughts on this, do you think the Samsung Epic will outshine the iPhone 4 when it hits the public arena? Or do you think the iPhone 4 has enough to keep ahead of any new smartphone?


2 thoughts on “Samsung Epic, Can It Outshine iPhone 4?”

  1. mbassoc says:

    Not in the UK it won’t. There is no point in being able to do things people are neither able to nor want to do. It’s a dead duck on the UK market.

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