HTC Device Event on 15th September in London UK

These smartphone makers sure do love teasing the mobile world with announcements that invite industry bods to an event, but don’t reveal anything that the event will actually reveal and rather keep people guessing.

Which is what HTC has done as according to an article over on Eurodroid, HTC has sent out invitations to industry people to attend an event being held in London England on the 15th of September, with the invite saying…

“Come see what HTC has dreamt up, 15 September in London. RSVP to confirm your attendance. More details to follow.”

Doesn’t really offer any insight as to what HTC will be revealing during the London event, but it could be the HTC Desire HD, or maybe an HTC Windows Phone 7 device, maybe an HTC tablet, or perhaps some thing we haven’t yet seen, what do you think HTC has dreamt up?

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