iPhone 4 Accessories: New Eco Bio-based Case

If you are one of the green brigade toting an iPhone 4 and looking to keep the all things eco friendly, there is a new eco friendly iPhone 4 case coming to the market in early September which is constructed from bioplastics.

According to an article over on Earthtechling by Nino Marchetti, the new eco friendly iPhone 4 cases from bioserie have been manufactured from a “new propriety blend of biobased components,” which come from “annually renewable plant material.”

The CEO of bioserie, Kaya Kaplancali, says, “We believe it is possible to enjoy technology without harming the fragile ecosystems of our Earth. We’re exploring the cutting-edge of green science to develop products that allow consumers to enjoy their iPhone 4 and other Apple devices in an environmentally-responsible way.”

Apparently these new iPhone 4 cases contain no toxic parts and weigh just 0.4 ounces and have been designed with what they call “protection feet,” which apparently enables “safe facedown placement” of your iPhone 4.

As previous stated these new iPhone 4 cases will become available from bioserie in September in a choice of colours and command a price tag of $34.95.

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