Nokia N8 Playing Nice with Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: Video

For all you Nokia fans out there waiting to get to grips with the Nokia N8 smartphone we have a little video demo for your viewing pleasure today showing the green Nokia N8 playing nice with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

The Nokia N8 video demo comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Phonet.tk, and delivers almost six minutes of the Nokia N8 being paired and playing along with a Nokia SU-8W Bluetooth Keyboard and a Logitech M555b Bluetooth mouse.

In the video demo both devices are connected via Bluetooth to the Nokia N8 simultaneously and then used to interact with the Nokia N8 user interface to type messages, and enter calendar events and such.

So rather than me tell you about the Nokia N8 playing nice with the Bluetooth accessories it’s far better and easier for you to mash that play button and check out the video below…enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Playing Nice with Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: Video”

  1. Credit should not be given to phonet.tk The video belongs to @MichaelxHell, his hard work and sweat behind it. If anyone should be credited, it should be him. Copyright Infringement on the part of phonet.tk

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