T-Mobile G2 Pricing Gets Revealed

Well so far we know just about all there is to know about the first HSPA+ surfing smartphone to hit the T-Mobile network, the new T-Mobile G2, with the exception of availability date and the pricing of the handset of course.

However, according to an article over on Engadget by Vlad Savov, the guys over at Tmonews have now cleared up at least one of those questions by posting some leaked info about the T-Mobile G2 pricing although the release date is still missing unfortunately.

So what will the T-Mobile G2 cost potential purchaser once it lands? Well apparently your can grab the T-Mobile G2 for a rather generic $199 when signing up for the usual two year term, however if you fancy opting for the without commitment route the smartphone will set you back some 499 of your hard earned bucks.

That T-Mobile G2 $199 price comes toting the usual after mail in rebate of $50 on Even More plans while the no commitment price will be on Even More Plus plans. No real surprised there really, so anyone looking to pick up the Android 2.2 toting T-Mobile G2 when it hits?

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