Apple, iOS 4.1, iTunes 10, Apple TV, Still No White iPhone 4

So Apple got out the usual big gun in the form of Steve Jobs to announce what’s new with Apple these days during the special event yesterday, but how were those announcements for you the public who use Apple gear?

Apple gave the music minded Apple faithful some taste titbits with a new refreshed iTunes 10 which now features what they call Ping, a social network for music. Apple has given said that the iPhone will gain the new iOS 4.1 operating system next week which will fix the proximity issue and iPhone 3G performance problems.

Apple has also given the iPod Touch and iPod nano a much needed refresh and for the iPad faithful they get iOS 4.2 in November. And then there the visual minded Apple faithful and Apple TV with a lower price at $99 and rented rather than purchased content.

All nice Apple gear, but what about the really big issues? Like when will the iPhone faithful see the release of the white iPhone 4 and when will Apple finally resolves the antenna issue without the need of a bumper case, and of course the other big talking point, the Verizon iPhone?

None of the above were addressed by Jobs and crew at this event, which is a bit of a let down as one would have at a minimum expected some sort of update as to how much longer the white version was going to take to finally come out to play.

So how was the Apple special event for you our readership, are you completely happy with all that Apple has announced or are you a bit peeved that Jobs didn’t step up and hand over some info on the other important stuff?


2 thoughts on “Apple, iOS 4.1, iTunes 10, Apple TV, Still No White iPhone 4”

  1. Dave says:

    Apple likes to announce things just before they happen, so the absense of the Verizon issue was no surprise. I was expecting an update on the white iPhone, though. I suppose it's possible the white iPhone will not have antenna issues and Apple wants to release a new iPhone that works rather than suffer more ridicule.

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