17 Year Old Robin Hood Launched Phones into Prison in Brazil

It appears that the days of smuggling files in cakes into a prison have given way to the smuggling of mobile phones, and one particular gang of criminals had a 17 year old play Robin Hood complete with bow and arrows.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Kyle VanHemert, and by way of an article over on the AP, a Brazilian gang paid a local teen to use a bow launch mobile phones fixed to the end of arrows over the prison walls.

Apparently the authorities have said they caught the offender when he fired an arrow with a mobile phone attached over the wall and struck an officer on the back. The struck officer wasn’t seriously injured as the mobile device fixed to the arrow tip cushioned the blow.

The young would-be Robin Hood managed to launch four mobile phones into the prison before being caught, whether said mobile phones were recovered by the authorities isn’t clear.

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