iPhone 4 Exclusivity Ending For T-Mobile Germany, AT&T Next?

Exclusivity over Apple’s gear is starting to fall by the wayside, many who had exclusivity over Apple’s iPhone 4 have now seen that exclusivity end especially in Europe; however one last carrier, T-Mobile Germany still has exclusivity over the iPhone 4, but that may soon change.

According to an article over on Cult of Mac by John Brownlee, and by way of an article over on the Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Telekom is gearing up for the end of iPhone 4 exclusivity by the holiday season.

So with iPhone 4 exclusivity coming to a final end in Europe isn’t it about time the same happened in the US? Surely it’s time for Apple to end AT&T’s grip over the iPhone and open up availability of the iPhone 4.

Apple must know that people really want to be able to get an iPhone without having to go with the Big Blue, and there are options for doing so, Apple could give the iPhone 4 to T-Mobile USA, or they could even do what most want them to do and that’s push out the Verizon iPhone.

So, what do you think, with iPhone 4 exclusivity ending in Europe will AT&T be next?

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