Qualcomm Alters Job Description to Quell Verizon iPhone Rumours

Not too long ago Quallcomm posted a job listing asking for an “IPhone Developer Guru,” to which many tagged the possibility of a Verizon iPhone making an appearance as Qualcomm is a CDMA chip maker, you can view that article by hitting (Here)

We now according to an article over on Morning City, Qualcomm and now modified that same job listing from an “iPhone Developer Guru,” to an “iPhone Software Application Developer” along with some info on the job so it can’t be confused with a possible customisation for a Verizon iPhone.

The Qualcomm job description now says…“The person we are looking to hire would join the Neer project, one of the four QSL projects that were recently launched,” and no longer says “join us and develop the most challenging product of your life!”

Apparently Qualcomm’s Neer project is a geofence location based service and says, “These applications and services coming out of QSL are currently or will soon be available on several different mobile platforms.”

So there it is, Qualcomm never made mention of any Verizon iPhone in their original job listing, but the fact that a CDMA chip maker was looking for that “iPhone Developer Guru,” sparked off the rumours. So backtracking to hide the possibility they are working on a Verizon iPhone or a genuine misunderstanding?

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