Windows Phone 7 Bing Maps Video Demo

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS, we basically already know a lot of the details when it comes to features, and today we get a glimpse at another WP7 feature, the Bing Maps App demonstrated on a Windows Phone 7 test device and videoed.

The Big Maps on Windows Phone 7 demo comes our way courtesy of Ionut Arghire of Softpedia and by way of the guys over at Pocket Now who made the demonstration you are about to view below.

The Big Maps on Windows Phone 7 demo video last almost five minutes whereby we gain the chance to see Bing Maps in action, and everything seems to be working just fine, and looks to have a quite a responsive interface.

In the video demo we get to see the manner in how a user can search of places, how it offers directions, how it helps the user to find a location and the app’s menus. So all that remains is for you to hit the play button, sit back and enjoy.

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