Audiobook for Android Gets Released

If you are a fan of listening to books whilst on the move rather than having to concentrate on turning the pages of a real paper book or even flicking over the pages on a smartphone ereader, and you own an Android smartphone then your whole reading experience has just got a lot easier.

This is because according to an article over on Intomobile by Dusan Belic, the guys over at Audible have now release their audiobook for Android application, which works on nearly every Android device.

The dedicated Audiobook for Android app means you can download audiobooks direct to your smartphone; you can bookmark favourite places with an audiobook, browse chapters, gain insider info on author events with Audile Newfeed, and earn badges along the way.

Furthermore Audiobook for Android also features social networking integration which means you can share what audiobook you are listening to with friends on Twitter and Facebook. Audiobook for Android is a free download in the Android Market.

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