Samsung Epic 4G Android Source Code Made Available

Smartphone manufacturers that work with the Android platform have a greed to release the source code for all devices that use the Android operating system, and the latest to release an Android source code is Samsung for the Samsung Epic 4G.

The Epic 4G source code, according to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, and by way of Android Central, had the underlying Android operating system without the propriety stuff such as Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface.

To the normal everyday smartphone user the release of the source code probably doesn’t mean a great deal and no doubt if they saw it, it would seem gibberish, but in the expert hands of a developer, a smartphone source code can lead to custom ROM’s along with other content.

So if you are a developer and want to get to grips with the Samsung Epic 4G source code you’ll need to hit up Samsung’s open source release centre and download the zipped source code files.

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