Android 2.2 Build FRG33 for Nexus One Leaked

If you are an owner of the Nexus One superphone you may like to know that apparently there is a new updated Android 2.2 Froyo ROM been leaked which delivers several big fixes along with a new version of the installed radio.

According to an article over on Android Guys by Ray Walters, the guys over at XDA-developers have discovered Android 2.2 build FRG33. Now word has it that many users hoped this ROM would be Gingerbread due to the “G” in the build but that’s not the case.

Apparently several users have reported that using this build their WiFi is a lot faster when connecting along with other speed enhancements, but of course there’s no official changelog for build FRG33.

Apparently the ROM has been packaged to work on any Android handset although it naturally comes with a warning that you install at your own risk and access to the Android Market may be denied, however there seems to be a workaround over at Modaco.

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