iPhone 5, Could It Look Like This Concept?

Well the iPhone 4 is now fully out and about with the exception of the white iPhone 4 version of course, and time’s getting on , so what about the next generation iOS device, namely what had become known as the iPhone 5?

We have for your consideration today, courtesy of James Falconer over at Intomobile a concept of the iPhone 5 which has been designed by the people over at HandyFlash, and gives us a view of what they think the next-gen smartphone may look like.

The first thing to note is that this iPhone 5 concept is much thinner than any previous iPhone model, and that it appears that the external antenna has now gone, thus avoiding the necessity for an Apple bumper case and any antenna issues.

Naturally it’s only a concept so isn’t in any way real, but it does show designers are already playing around with designs for the iPhone 5. However, it has been rumoured that the iPhone 5 will be the Verizon iPhone, something that many would like to see materialise in the not too distant future.

So what do you think of this iPhone 5 concept, do you like it or dislike it, or would you prefer to see the Verizon iPhone launch before any iPhone 5?


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