Apple Clones Meizu M9II with New iPod Touch?

The Chinese knockoff artists have for years ripped off designs from other smartphone manufacturers, none more so that Apple and the iconic iPhone. However, apparently Jack Wong, the CEO of Meizu believes that Apple turned the tables and clones one of his devices.

According to an article over on Unbergizmo, the Meizu CEO (which probably stands for Copy Everything Officer) has had the audacity to announce that Apple’s new iPod Touch suspiciously resembles the Meizu M9II.

The claim by the king of copying is somewhat strange though considering Meizu still hasn’t released the M9 to the public arena which is apparently due in October and the M9II doesn’t actually exist yet.

Apparently when the Meizu M9II does materialise it will come with Android 2.2, a 4 inch display along with a front facing camera with a rear flash and a Cortex A9 processor, and of course resembling the new iPod Touch, bit of a cheeky bugger that Jack Wong don’t you think?


One thought on “Apple Clones Meizu M9II with New iPod Touch?”

  1. rexiaoa says:

    These two products i all used. Four years ago i purchased a Meizu MP3, and the Tone quality is Stereoscopic and clear. i love it very much , two month ago , i bought a ipod touch , i feel that it runs more beeter than Meizu .and i download a Aneesoft free ipod video converter , the device can play almost all formats audio. that is great . as for the apple clones Meizu , I almost do not believe it . i am sorry .

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