Windows Phone 7 Secret Cinema Advert: Video

So Microsoft has come up with an advert for their Windows Phone 7, which apparently is being screened at London’s Secret Cinema Event just before the movie Laurence of Arabia.

The Windows Phone 7 advert comes our way courtesy of Vlad Savov over at Engadget and lasts just over a minute in length and uses the opening scene where Laurence of Arabia rides out of the shimmering desert, only in this clip it’s not Laurence on his camel.

Yep you guessed it; the shimmering shadow coming out of that rippling desert effect is none other than a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 smartphone, which is kind of fitting considering the movie it precedes.

Well that’s about all there is too it with the exception of course that Microsoft says “the revolution is coming” so without further ado I give you the Windows Phone 7 Secret Cinema advert…enjoy.

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