iOS 4.1 Feature Guide Walkthrough Video

The latest update to Apple iOS, iOS 4.1 probably was all that it was expected to be and in reality is a rather small update to the iPhone OS which delivers some bug fixes and a few features as well as powering the iPod Touch 4.

So what we have for your viewing pleasure today is a walkthrough of the Gold Master edition of iOS 4.1 which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at TiPb, who also have a very extensive article going over all that’s involved with the walkthrough.

The iOS 4.1 Feature Guide Walkthrough video last almost eight and a half minutes and covers quite a bit of the iOS 4.1, but like I said you can always hit up their website and check out that in-detail article.

So rather than me simply repeat all that is going on in the iOS 4.1 walkthrough It’s far easier for you to head on down, mash that play button and check out what’s going down for yourself…enjoy.


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