iOS 4.1 Battles iOS 4.0 on iPhone 3G: Video

So Apple is releasing their latest update to the iPhone operating system next week, iOS 4.1, so just how fast is iOS 4.1 compared to iOS 4.0 when running on an iPhone 3G? Well we have a speed test between iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.0 for your viewing pleasure today.

We know that there were issues with iOS 4.0 running on the iPhone 3G and during the Apple event, Jobs said that iOS 4.1 will fix the performance problems on the iPhone 3G, so lets find out if iOS 4.1 does solve that slowness issue.

The iOS 4.1 vs. 4.0 speed test on the iPhone 3G video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at the Daily iPhone Blog and by way of Lifehacker, and the speed comparison test lasts almost three minutes.

So does iOS 4.1 beat iOS 4.0 on the iPhone 3G? Well to find out that answer you’ll need to head on down, mash that play button and check out just how well the new iOS does against the previous version…enjoy.


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