O2 Customers Not Happy with Dell Streak Android 2.1 Update

It appears that there may be some problems with the Android 2.1 update O2 has pushed out to the Dell Streak as apparently visitors to both the O2 and Dell forums are furious and reporting the update has “crippled the Dell Streak.”

According to an article over on Electric Pig by Mic Wright, one of their readers, KilnClose has flagged the issue with the Android 2.1 update with…“Don’t do it — once again a major player in the market has rolled out something without checking it — not only will it wipe your phone clean of any data it then refuses to sync with PCSuite — and if you think you can go back to 1.6 think again.”

More Dell Streak users have apparently reported that the update has caused problems with Windows Media Video playback along with causing malfunctioning accelerometers constantly flashing buttons and the removal of the Facebook widget.

Apparently O2 forum user, Alistair Gill says that O2 has said the Dell Streak syncing issue after updating to Android 2.1 is down to Dell not updating the software. However apparently dell has promised to push out a new Android 2.1 update for the Dell Streak which will fix the problems although they didn’t give an actual date as to when to expect that update.

So, any of our readership who own a Dell Streak experienced these issues after updating to Android 2.1? If so feel free to shout out in our comment s area below.


10 thoughts on “O2 Customers Not Happy with Dell Streak Android 2.1 Update”

  1. Disappointed says:

    I too can no longer play wmv files after the 2.1 update. There are numerous other problems too (random crashes, contact shortcuts on the desktop all being renamed to "contact" and losing the contact's photo, Latitude no longer being able to get a satellite lock etc). It's a pity O2 have rushed this update out the door. I'm going to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab and try my luck with that, or wait for one of the devices that will sport a 1.2 or 1.5GHz dual core processor. It'll be a cold day in he'll before I ever purchase anything from Dell again.

  2. defan c says:

    Thats true, o2 did made some improvement on some part of the system bu at same time ‘disble’ or ‘terminates’ some significant function such as front facin cam, you cannot use it anymore from 2.1’s cam, the keyboard on landscape mode are not so comfy on use, and actually I missing the 1.6’s keyboard.

    You ll feel having less space on main screen too.

    But new gallery is awesome as you see folders instead of every single pictures, and as you shift streak with your hands the folders will turn to ‘face’ you like some 3d effect.

    Overall, its not 100% pleased with.

  3. Pete Wellock says:

    What a farce! My dell streak never really worked from day one. The screen resposiveness left much to be desired and i missed loads of calls because the network dropped off. I hung for the upgrade (2.1 not the 2.2 i was originally promised) as i loved the concept, but now my dell streak has a mind of its own, and that mind can only be described as skittish. It seems to love me missing calls and turns the volume off every time someone calls me so it just lights up, doesn't vibrate doesn't ring (though they do seem to have fixed the dropping off the network issue). The screen locks up constantly on the bottom half in landscape, far worse than before. If you plug headphones in all the sound functions seem to decide what they want to do themselves and you have to remove the battery to get it to work normally again (for a short while). The facebook widget is no more. It seems to have developed a Blackpool lights approach to the three display buttons and you never quite know whats going to flash next.
    On the plus side……………………well the Live Wallpaper is nice to look at and i can still use it on my desk as a paper weight so £400 quid well spent i'd say?

  4. nsaspooks says:

    Check out the Dell user forum under user nsaspooks , that is if they have not deleted all my posts by then. Dell Police moderators are very busy deleting entire threads if they prove too contraversial

  5. ian says:

    Please,please will someone tell me how i get the front camera/camcorder to work on the 2.1 update. The button that used to say front/rear on 1.6 is now saying gallery and settings…. please help..

  6. moira says:

    Since upgrading my dell streak to 2.1 phone randomly switches off or freezes on the Dell screen. It won't let me access facebook, refuses to accept my password but it is correct as have signed in with ease on computer. Computer syn no longer works and other functions have become interesting to say the least. Only had the phone a week before upgrading so not sure what worked before the upgrade and what doesn't now – help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. BULOY says:

    i update my dell streak to 2.1 u know what happen it doesn't work and was been collected by dell for repair and waited for more than 2 weeks to recived the phone with out the battery which i had sent with the phone so until now unable to see whether they repair it or not. secondly it was sent to a company in hungary ( im from UK ) which means no dell center here in uk. i had an iphone 3g ,when the same thing happen ,just contacted the apple help center they provide me a replacement product easily just paid them £39 which DELL should also follow, they just don't care whether u need to wait for a long time,they should look after DELL Costumer like us. Dell streak should be an iphone killer but not at the momment till Dell sort the problem. apple provided a case when they had a problem with it DELL should also follow what apple iphone done( Dell accesories are very expensive)Don't buy the dell streak yet till they solve the problem. second advice don't update yet till they solve all the bugs in the new software update.

  8. Korapati says:

    Dell streak phone looks good if something went wrong but very problematic handset .Especially with dell after sales team. Worst nightmare with them.

    Very little to say about Dell Streak as I have used the phone only for 2days after purchase. Phone looks great, has good technical specifications.

    Dell streak has lot technical problems like split screen, some times phone switching on problems say if you switch on the phone some times it will switch on properly but most of the times it won't. some times white or dark blank screen appears, nothing to see on screen. I purchased Dell streak on 03/11/2010, once after receiving the product I have used only for 2 days, that's it the above mentioned problems started coming on. I phoned dell technical service and they offered me repair service, and they took the peice back on 09/11/2010 and returned the piece back on 24/11/2010. They haven't checked the piece properly again the same problems persisiting on. So I phoned the technical services again and asked them to replace the handset. The women I have spoken to is a superior in the technical service department, she is very arrogant and reckless. She said that she can't replace the product. But I have mentioned the problems and requested again. But she said no. I told her that I have 1year warranty for whole unit to replace. This is where she gone nuts!!!! and told me "there is no warranty and replacement service in UK, it is only for USA customers". I told her that I have the invoice infront of me stating that I am covered, but she told it is a mistake. Tell me, how would some one can buy a product with out warranty for a price £479. I asked her to refund my money as I want to return the piece back to dell. But she said I was out of the cooling off time i.e., 14days from the date of purchase. I told her that the phone is with dell repair centre through out that cooling off period, then I asked how would I liable for that if the peice is not with the customer?. She told, it is not dell's problem, and mentioned it is my responsibility to send the piece back to dell within 14days. Very pointless arguing with her. Little common sense, she did'nt even think about that the piece is with dell within that period. Finally she offered only 2nd repair service.Lets see what happens this time!!!. This is worst nightmare with that technical customer service. No proper respect, no proper response for the problems and finally no proper care for after sales.

    First place, I would not recommend anyone to buy dell streak, if someone really fancy buying it I would definetely not recommend them not to buy from Dell website. Very very poor after sales care and poor customer service. Some of my friends already told me not to buy from dell as they have poor customer service, but I thought it won't happens in all cases. But now I believe that "it is true – dell's is very bad customer service".

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